Shanghai to Beijing

Traveling to China. 

 The Forbidden City was the imperial place for the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. Built in 1406 to 1420. There are 980 buildings in the complex... Just image how large the complex is ever inch was beautiful. I was literal standing where the Emperors lived.

Enjoying the endless views of The Great Wall of China! 

The Great Wall of China - one of the seven wonders!
The view was breath taking!

City of Shanghai 

Jade temple in Shanghai. This is the main courtyard built in 1882. 

I have been extremely blown away of Shanghai's architecture and people watching. The culture is so interesting. People seem to use public transportation and bicycles other than the heavy use of cars. Oddly enough, the streets are immaculately clean in the city. 

Beijing was breath taking. The Great Wall was everything you have heard and image. This was by far my favorite attraction of all time. 


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